Spirit Journey

This movie is best described in the words of the clay worker and story teller Michael O'Donnell:

Kia ora Whanau

"Spirit Journey"

A documentary about the way I work, and the world I enter into. It addresses emotional, mental, spiritual, physical health and our embracing the love of darkness and the role that our waters intelligence plays in the creative expression.

Listening to the waters, listening to the clay, where Pepeketua, an ancient endemic frog of Hauraki, Kaitiaki, wisdom keeper, correspondent of the underworld, became my inspiring teacher, 40 years guiding, initiating me into the realm of Whaka Manu, Whaka Ika, to fly high above, to swim down deep into the embrace, Hapuu, accessing the wisdom of an old creation story Hawaiian and Maori elder confirmed in my work.

This story does not belong to me, and so I let it go out there, We are all being challenged in this time of imminent change to sing in the face of adversity, what I know to be held in the embrace of the black water singing. Please enjoy, there are many layers, Wai Korero is like that. The wisdom held in the world of Te Ao Maori, never goes away, it is always there for those who are prepared to listen. Tomek was on camera, and once I entered that world there was no coming back to check, this is a one take doco, and we had some fun, and did our best. Nga mihi Aroha ki a koutou"

Michael O Donnell

Spirit Journey

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