Projects are a selection of visual stories of people, places, nature creations and artistic expressions.  

Michael O'Donnell    Tarariki Pottery

Michael O'Donnell Tarariki Pottery

Bullswool Farm Park 

To visit Bullswool Farm Park follow:

Bullswool Farm Park

Artist Kyah Dove

Artist Kyah Dove

Day in life - Dr Leah Wakeford

Franklin Vets Kopu 

-coming December 2020-

Day in life

Travel Utah and Arizona

Travel Utah & Arizona

Travel Namibia


Intricate Nature

The book  is an artistic vision of a spiritual journey. The unique abstract images created from landscapes, patterns and textures found in nature, inspire us to pause in our busy life and to contemplate and reflect on ourselves. It is an invitation to look at the continuous cycle of creation and destruction in the world around us and to find peace, freedom and love within.

Intricate Nature Book available from Amazon and Blurb (PDF) (hard cover) (PDF)

Intricate Nature